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  Working for Homefield Homes Limited

Homefield Homes Limited is successful because we understand about homes and housing. We are able to see the potential in apparently derelict or underused land. We have the imagination to visualise the future homes that can be woven into existing urban landscapes.

If you share our vision and excitement at providing new homes in the way that Homefield goes about our business and feel you can contribute, then call us - we want to hear from you.

Excellence, quality and value  

"Your earning ability is largely determined by the perception of excellence, quality, and value that others have of you and what you do. The market only pays excellent rewards for excellent performance. It pays average rewards for average performance, and it pays below average rewards or unemployment for below average performance."

Brian Tracy

Homefield Homes Limited
Old Schools, Main Road, Knockholt, Kent. TN14 7LR
Tel: 01959 533335 E-mail: homes@homefield.co.uk