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  Purchase of land

Homefield Homes Limited specialises on urban in-fill sites and is experienced in dealing with small difficult locations, often in crowded streets and with restricted access.

We are always enthusiastically interested in purchasing potential sites, with or without planning permission. Even the most apparently unlikey sites may have good value. If you are considering selling part of your back or side garden for home building, please call us for a chat entirely without obligation.

Urban in-fill  

"Urban in-fill" is the decidedly unglamorous term applied to where more and more of the land for new homes comes from.

Until town planning laws were introduced in 1947 almost all land could be used for building and so there was no scarecity value. Building land was cheap. Many houses were built with (by today's standards) large garedens. Now with the continuing need for more houses such large gardens are being considered for splitting up into sites for new homes.

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